LaMicro Theater's City Non-Specific at the Fringe Festival

8/15/12 , Posted by Alex Guerrero at 1:19 PM

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LaMicro Theater is proud to present City Non-Specific as part of the 16th annual New York International Fringe Festival-FringeNYC. City Non-Specific is a movement- dance piece that will be presented at Venue #15 The New School for Drama located at 151 Bank Street. City Non-Specific is a devised, ensemble-created piece that combines movement, dance, theater and multimedia. It is based on experiences of people living in a big city. The work is an exploration of conflicting and humorous situations that could occur in big city spaces and contexts. Behavioral gestures will be used to create short vignettes, reflecting moments of every day life. Life in a big city is full of anxiety, paranoia, stress and constant rushing around. In this piece we will take some of these moments and experiences and transform them with music, gestures, movements and texts.

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